New Practitioner Spotlight: Jackie Foote

Jackie Foote has been a resident of Breckenridge since 2011, and prior to joining BYOG she enjoyed a successful career as an adaptive ski instructor. Her intuitive and empathetic nature puts one at ease, and her presence is invigorating.

Currently Jackie offers crystal attunement sessions as well as reiki sessions, she views these modalities “as a way to facilitate meaningful experience for others to achieve balance and wellness physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Jackie holds a Reiki Level II Certification as well as an Advanced Crystal Healer Certification. Her academic education at Albion College (BA) then Coastal Carolina University (graduate school program) was in the sciences and her knowledge base of rocks and minerals is extensive.

Her training, experience, and intuitive guidance combined with her passion for working with people towards their individual wellness goals makes her a premier leader in the field of crystal attunement methods.

In her free time Jackie loves traveling with her husband, hiking with her dog, fly fishing, horseback riding, and volunteering at the BOEC.

Jackie is currently available for appointments Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 4pm. Weekday appointments available by request. 

Services Offered

Crystal Attunements

Crystal attunements are a holistic, non-invasive, vibrational energy-based system of bringing you to a state of physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and wellness. This technique involves precisely placing minerals and rocks on and around the physical body to direct, enhance, or diffuse your energies. This energetic reconfiguration may result in feelings of physical pain relief, stress reduction, and spiritual alignment. Your practitioner will work with you to adapt the session to your personal intentions and desired outcomes. 


Reiki is a Japanese energy work technique that opens space for the universal (rei) life force (ki) to flow. It may help you to feel more relaxed, with less pain, and increased vitality.

It taps into the subtle senses (that sense of “someone’s looking at me” or “someone’s standing behind me”). We work in the subtle to release tension and move blockages.


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